Escape The Titanic Walkthrough

Escape The Titanic Walkthrough for iPhone iPad Android

Escape The Titanic

This is the first escape game created by FreshGames, LLC. Escape The Titanic!
But what i can feel it just like so experienced in creating escape games! It is so good!

Escape The Titanic Review

Until today, already tried so many different escape games from IOS and Android! I can tell you this is one of the best escape game i tried before! From the story line to the puzzle and quiz in the game, all works well! It content around 50 different puzzles and mini games in around 35 levels.
Another user experience that i must write it here is graphic and sound, it’s very good and enjoy when you playing this game. It really let you feel that you are on boarding Titanic now!

Due to the story base, it will let you know the start and the end of Titanic. The game is fun but it also reminding us and telling us the story about Titanic. It’s so touch and will always be in our mind! Support them and purchase the full version of escape the titanic! It’s worth it!

Hope you enjoy the Escape Of The Titanic! Good luck guys!

Escape The Titanic Walkthrough


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