How to install Whatsapp on iPad ?

How to install Whatsapp on iPad ?

How to install Whatsapp on iPad ?

This tutorial can install the iPhone newest version to the iPad / iPad 2 with the current newest version iOS 5.0.1

iPad do not have apps and not allow to install Whatsapp and can’t be found in iTunes Store.

The first things you need is an Jailbroken iPad 2.

If you don’t want to jail break, you can follow here.

Jailbreak iPad 2 with iOS 5.0.1

You can follow here to Jailbreak the iOS 5.0.1

Download iPhone Configuration Utility

Follow here to download the iPhone Configuration Utility.

Buy WhatsApp Messenger

You have to buy the original WhatsApp Messenger in iTunes. Purchase it, only USD 0.99. Cheaper than your monthly SMS cost.

After purchase, the WhatsApp Messenger icon will be available in your iTunes.

Run iPhone Configuration Utility

After you download the iPhone Configuration Utility, install it, and run it.

Open your iTunes Media Folder, if you don’t know where is the location, you can get from here.

Drag the file \iTunes Music\Mobile Applications\WhatsApp to the iPhone Configuration Utility .


Connect your iPad

Plug in your iPad with USB cable, the PC will detect your iPad automatically.


Install Whatsapp to iPad

Click on your iPad Device, and the Menu bar there with Applications.

Drag down to the bottom…

You can see the WhatsApp with an Install button

Click Install.

It will install to your iPad.

Install WhatsPad using Cydia

As early I’ve told that need a Jailbreak iPad 2 device, so you can install the WhatsPad from Cydia.

Search for WhatsPad in Cydia and install it.

Run WhatsApp in iPad for the first time

You no need a 3G or Sim card iPad device to run this software. For the first time, you need to active it, just tap in your Phone Numbers and Done.

WhatsApp will send you a 3 digits number to your current active mobile phone.

Then key in the 3 digits, to WhatsApp in the iPad then will be activate in your iPad.


But this will deactive the account in your current phone or current device. 

This article is educational purpose only. We do not responsible for any damage to your iPad 2 / iPhone 4s or any data damage. Please backup your device before try anything from here.

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