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How to hide some information on Facebook from certain friends ?

How to hide some information on Facebook from certain friends ?

You would like to share information in your Facebook, but you don’t want to show them to some of your certain friend.
You no need to unfriend them, you no need to set to every photo albums, and every status, you just need few settings in the privacy settings there in your Facebook.

  1. Privacy Settings
  2. Manage Blocking
  3. Edit Restricted there, On the List ( friend )
  4. Friends
  5. Select certain friends ( with checked )
  6. Click Finish

Add friends to your Restricted list

When you add friends to your Restricted list they can only see the information and posts that you make public. Facebook does not notify your friends when you add them to your Restricted list.

So, you no need to block or unfriend your friend that make them misunderstand you.

Happy Sharing !

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8 thoughts on “How to hide some information on Facebook from certain friends ?”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I didn’t realize until yesterday when my friend from high school told me that literally every single thing I do on fb gets broadcasted to literally everyone. I’ve been searching on fb help all day yesterday and today to try and figure out WTF I’m supposed to do to hide my posts cuz obviously I don’t everybody all up in my grill seein’ every single thing I do. Of course I didn’t find anything, so today I went on google and FINALLY found this!

    I just want to leave a sidenote. I am genuinely frustrated with fb because of this. When they first came out with the newsfeed, I thought it was the greatest thing because it was flexible yet highly inclusive and interactive. I made it more possible to connect with friends and the privacy was still highly flexible where I could control who sees what and vice versa. With this new timeline/ticker stuff, @ first I was all for it cuz I thought it was smooth and neatly organized. That is, until I found out that EVERY SINGLE THING I DO is being blasted out to EVERYBODY, unlike the original newsfeed, where I could simply hide what I like (even though half the time I didn’t need to cuz most of my activity wouldn’t show up in people’s newsfeeds anyway)!!! It makes me mad because I’ve been supportive of most of facebook’s decisions, but they seriously dropped the ball wit’ this dumb shit!

  2. Thank you for the info on blocking friends from your wall/timeline. I’ve been searching everywhere for that info. I hate it when some organizations set up profiles instead of pages. I want access to their info, but I don’t want them to have access to my info. I have no idea who is behind that wall! Unfortunately I have to jump through hoops each time I friend them.

  3. Thank yo so much for this information, I have been searching all over Facebook and I got nowhere. I do not understand why Facebook has to make it so hard to get this type of information.

  4. Hi!
    I have a question regarding privacy settings. I have put some friends on a list and then changed the setting of all my albums so that the friends on that list cannot view those albums. However, the friends on that list can see photos of me that have been uploaded by someone else. How do I change the settings of the list so that they cannot see those pictures of me either?

    Thank you!

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