Failed to load the JNI shared library jvm.dll

Error: Failed to load the JNI shared library jvm.dll

When you start the Eclipse Indigo, it prompt out the error

Failed to load the JNI shared library “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll

This is because you do not have the Java SDK

or Maybe your Java SDK is not 64 Bit

If you install the SDK before, you must download the newest version to solve the error above.

Download Java SE 7 JDK

You can download the newest version from here .

Make sure that you choose the one is Java SE 7 – JDK

The newest version for current date is jdk-7u3-windows-x64.exe






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  • -startup
    C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_32/jre/bin
    use eclips and os both 32 bit or both s64bit

  • Casey L

    Thank you so much!! First Google result. Very helpful.

  • paul

    thanks – DL the newest JDK, then set your JAVA_HOME to the SDk and put the SDK/bin in your PATH.

  • komal

    thanks it worked…


    frustrated, didnt work D:
    i installed the newest version of java

  • Akta Kalariya

    just simple install the 32 bit jdk in the directory of eclipse and then start the eclipse.exe file from command prompt

  • DerpGaming

    I installed JDK and java the newest one but still isnt working!
    Please Help

  • Saravanan.

    Thanks folks, i faced the same issue, resolved using your all valuable inputs, thanks for your time and interest to share with others.

  • dhruvkakadiya

    I have tried same as you mentioned but still I get same error.So please help me.

  • Chinna

    Thank….It will work properly……

  • mohammad karim hardani asl

    you must have installed both 32-bit JDK and 64-bit JDK

  • PatriciaChandler

    I know easier way to solve this problem, it’s just download the file you need and add it into the right directory on your device.


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