What’s the Saying Answers

What’s the Saying Answers

We have prepared all the answers, solutions, walkthrough from levels 1-200 from the game What’s the Saying. It is not easy to guess all the level, some of the level really difficult. Our team have try the best to solve all the level and would like to share to you. Wish the What’s they Saying Answers can help you saving your time. Happy Enjoy the game.

What’s the Saying Solution


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What’s the Saying Level 1-200

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  • lor

    What does R+R mean?

  • Megan

    OK I cant figure this out its level 101 for android its a green hand with LIVE and then an open mouth……anyone know what it is?

  • tiffany

    What’s the answer to I=I-1

  • rochelle

    I’m on level 297 having trouble my need to rest but its driving me crazy for about a week. Can someone help with this issue. If I solve it, I will know I put too much into it and will rest for about 2-3 weeks without playing. This will help me clear my head and when I play again I will be refresh.


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